Why Taiva

Why Taiva


TAIVA uses most innovative, scientifically proven high quality ingredients and clinically tested formulations. All our products are paraben and silicone free, manufactured in EU under USA licence.

Because we go Beyond the Limits of Traditional Cosmetics

Because we understand Your Desires and Needs

Because we know the Skin’s latest Secrets

Because we are inspired by Innovation

Because we have already entered The Neurocosmetic Era

Because we offer Advanced and Affordable Skin Care

Neurocosmetics - SMART cosmetics for the new century


TAIVA uses most innovative, scientifically proven high quality ingredients and clinically tested formulations.

Our products are designed to offer advanced skin care by implementing the latest advancements in skin science and biotechnology/dermatology - yielding best results for our customers.

Traditional cosmetic products contain large sized molecules which cannot penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, hence affecting/protecting mainly the outermost skin areas (stratum corneum) against environmental stress and damage.

TAIVA offers a range of innovative products which surpass the limits of traditional cosmetics with light textured, fast absorbing properties and ultra-high performance in the deepest layers of the skin.

All our products are paraben and silicone free, manufactured in EU under USA licence.



An Anti-Age Neurocosmetic. It revives neuro-transmission between nerve endings and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Prevents and reverses skin ageing.

In-Cosmetics® Innovation Zone - Best ingredient Award 2015

Soothing Neurocosmetic. Highly active biomimetic neuropeptide coupled with lipid to facilitate peptide absorption through the skin. Quickly soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and swelling, and protects skin against UV light.

Salcornia herbacea plant extract. Directly affects metabolism of urea which makes even the driest skin momentarily hydrated. Increases skin density and reduces water loss. Hydro-restructuring of skin by factor of 60.

BSB Most Innovative Raw Material 2009.

Unique, highly advanced technological formula that acts as an active dressing which mimics the CorneSphere (corneocyte and its environment) to renovate and perfect skin surface, providing a “new skin” effect. The CORNEOSTICKER softens the skin, blurs the imperfections and pores visibility, which makes your skin look perfect and flawless.



We already know that the brain and the skin have the same embryonic origin. The skin is, in fact, the extension of the brain and they are interconnected by nets of nerves and neuron cells. The skin neural network extends and communicates with skin cells, via the activity of billions of different peptide signals as a form of neuro-transmitting system.

The Skin’s Latest Secret, revealed in the last few years, is the discovery that skin cells have the ability to communicate with skin neurons trough neuro-transmission, much like the brain cells.


Nerves are subjected to aging as other cellular types; this process is called neurodegeneration. Scientific studies of the neurodegeneration process have highlighted the major role of a neurotoxic peptide, which forms peptide plaques on the surface of nerve endings. Aging, and in general the accumulation of oxidizing stress, triggers the neuronal degeneration, affecting communication between nerves and fibroblasts and other skin cells, resulting in a decline of fibroblasts vitality, decrease in collagen and elastin synthesis and increased skin sensitivity.


Initiated in 2000s, the new concept of Neurocosmetics refers to bio-active topical ingredients that restore the mediator-receptor interactions between the nerve system and the skin through special mediators. It has led to new neurocosmetic strategies which involves modulation of neurotransmitters that play a significant role in skin balance and aging mechanisms, by acting on these messengers either activating or inhibiting them.

Out of the new approach to address skin health and aging, a New Cosmetic Field was born - that of Neurocosmetic.


Inspired by the latest advances in the field of Neurocosmetics, TAIVA uses some of the most innovative neurocosmetic ingredients with neurophysiological action, specially designed to act on the cutaneous nervous system boosting its natural mechanism and re-establishes a healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts, reactivating dermal cells previously weakened by the messenger of ageing.

The end result is: visibly smoother skin, less wrinkles, healthier and more radiant complexion, increased inflammatory resistance, and overall “feel good” effect.